Sunday, August 2, 2009

Search Engines Submission Made Easy

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Do you know how many days you have to re-submit your site to various Search Engines? Do you know the mistake of doing it manually? Do you know you might over submitted to the same Search Engines and get penalized by Search Engines like Google and Yahoo?
Do you want to save more of your time with your beloved family and yet still promoting your business? You can put all this over, do you know?

I have been testing an exciting new Url submission tool which is going to make my life – and yours – a whole lot easier.

URL submissions to search engines always seem to take far too long, no matter how organized you are.

If you're like me, you probably aren't keen on put your trust in some of the free online services, which claim they'll submit your URL to thousands of sites.

After all, do they ever show you a report, or confirm that you have actually been added?
When it comes to URL submissions, it's the main search engines which I care about most. However, even submitting to just the top 10 is tiresome and time-consuming if you have many pages on your site, or if you own several other sites.

Another problem is that search engines may penalize you if you use some URL submission software instead of actually visiting the search engines.Solving all those problems in one mighty blow is the new Search Engine Blaster submission service.Whether you have dozens of domains to administer, or just a few URL's to submit, Search Engine Blaster can handle all of your dirty work--automatically--unattended.

Better yet, search engines won't object to it, It's pre-programmed to automatically submit your web pages, in a responsible and effective manner. What's important here is that the software does NOT spam the search engines. It posts URLs in a responsible fashion, so the search engines won't see any objectionable behavior.

The worst part about most submission software is manually adding in the URL's of your web site. With Search Engine Blaster, it couldn't be easier. You just enter in your domain name, and their submit bot will visit your web site, and automatically load every page on your site into the submission queue--it's truly amazing to see. You can actually see it working, as all of your pages instantly show up in your submit list right in your browser!

I found it very simple to use. Since it is an online based service, there's no complicated software to learn and nothing to download. Once you tell it what to submit, it will automatically re-submit as often as you like. You don't even have to log in order to do it--It's all on auto-pilot!

While it certainly submits to the top engines, It also submits to thousands of niche specific search engines, free for all sites, directories, and even classified advertisement sites, doing the work for you with pinpoint accuracy, as if you were doing it manually--even while you're on vacation!

There's another tool included with this service called the doorway page builder. Again, they made this one very easy to use,You type in some keywords and phrases about your web site, click on create, and the software will instantly generate up to 50 key words optimised doorway pages just for you (This allows search engines to list even more sites on your domain, as well as earning you a higher rank in the engines).It will even upload them directly to your website, and submit those new pages directly to the search engines as well.

All in all, I found this service to be first class. I've never seen anything else like it.Their support staff's was there when I needed them, and they have an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) database that I found very helpful. They truly seem to care about their customers.

Additionally, they offer a generous two-tier affiliate program, offering a 30% recurring commission on all of your sales, plus an ongoing 10% commission on anyone who signs up to be an affiliate using one of your links.

I predict this tool will be hugely popular in the coming months, and will soon become the "standard" in automated marketing. I love it!
Take a closer look at Search Engine Blaster now.

To your online success

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Understand Keyword With Keyword Tutorials

Google, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

Keywords Tutorials:

I assumed you didn’t know how to start and you might wonder what keyword to choose ?

4 Steps To Get Your Website Into Top 10 Rankings.
• Step 1 Find the best keywords
• Step 2 Optimize your web pages
• Step 3 Optimize your inbound links
• Step 4 Submit your website

Here are few videos Tutorial that taught and guides you how to select a keyword, from

Free goodkeywords Tutorial for doing keyword search using Google Keyword Research tool.

Once again,as I mentioned in my previous post,search all the Keywords with these tools: Put here, for faster reference only,
Free Word Tracker Research Tool

Ad Word Analyser Keyword Research Software

Yahoo Search Marketing Keyword Suggestion Keyword Research Made Easy

This is a link of how to check search engines for the number of back links to your URL
Search Engine Back Link Tracking Utility & Backlink Tracker Tool By Digitalpoint

Watch a video of how to get top 10 rankings on Google & Yahoo with IBP's proven Top 10 Optimizer

And here is an excellent tool that can make your job pretty easier and help you find the most profitable affiliate program or profitable niche product with AEqualizer

Suggesting SEO Ebook, by Brad Callen

From Brad Callen

Take the tour and get 5 days lesson for fee. What was inside this Ebook ?

It consists of:
1)Optimise The Wrong Keywords and You'll Likely Never See Results.

2)How Changing One Single On page Optimizations Factor Can Boost Your Rankings By Over 350 Positions!

3)The Secret To Getting Listed In Google In Under 24 Hours - Guaranteed!

4)How To Skyrocket Your Website To The Top Of Google With Properly Planned Off page Optimizations!

5)How To Skyrocket Past The #1 Ranked Website On Google For The Term Diet Information

6)Are You Asking Google To Penalize Or Ban Your Website?

7)Don't Get Your Website Banned BY Google... By Accident!

8)Possibly The Biggest Misconception About Ranking Well In The Search Engines

9)What You Must Do To Rank Well For Your Inner Web Pages

10)The Cold Hard Facts About Google Page Rank And How To Use It To 1-Up Your Competitors!

If anyone could master the sill of utilize the best keyword/keywords,you are on the way of mastering the keyword optimizations which is so much useful when you or your company is in a need to advertise Paid Per Click campaign using a great site such as Google Adwords.You need to acquire such skill for lower down your budget by paying cheaper Cost Per Click ads.Hence,the right targeted keyword is vital.

Are you serious about SEO? Want to become a SEO expert? The following is a site link to more than 40 SEO tip guide.

Ultimate Seo Tips Guide

Learning is never ending process,have fun :)
Have a great day

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keywords In Relation To SEO

Keyword Stuffing, 2008 StyleImage by DBarefoot via Flickr

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Is a big topic and cannot be largely explained by a few sentences only. In my opinion, everyone must learn what about it and how to apply it into the world of internet Marketing.One crucial important point is the objective of SEO is to get your site to be indexed in finding for a 1st page or 1st rank regardless of which internet browser you are using, be it,,, etc.

Few points one has to be remembered here are:

.You must not use to duplicate contents on a same site.It might can be used to various sites.
.You don't really need to build lots of contents .As we know Google Ad sense needs it badly.
.You don't need to always use famous keyword like “weight loss”,“dog training”etc

This is because most of the people know it.Thus,you may end up compete fiercely against the similar keyword.Create something unique keyword that can lure or bait the buyer into making a buying decision and not just act as a visitor.

Keyword is crucial step to be taken into as one of the most important step when you want to promote your product or a product belong to someone else.Your product creation should be relevant to your domain name or URL.

Let's take an example,if you are selling computer products,your keyword should be like,,, and so on.In order to get your product targeted at the right place with the right people,I suggest you put a place in front of the keyword.Such as put your city where you live and combine the product keyword together.It might be something like or is more specified and well targeted at a market place.

You can see the keyword can be long tail keywords and not necessary short in phrases.This is a good way not to compete fiercely with today intense competition, whereas one or two keyword already occupied or dominated the Search Engines.You should make sure that the keyword being searched online not more than 10,000 times.Hence,one should avoid those keywords that had been searched million times in a Search Engine.

Sample here is a list of keywords that are widely used: Money, make money online, marketing, networking network marketing, advertising, Affiliate Marketing, business opportunity, cash, free, free advertising, health, home, home based business, home business, Internet Marketing, leads ,residual income, ongoing income, Work at home, Work from home.

As soon as you have decided the keyword, you can find more relevant keywords from below keyword resources. This is to help you get higher click through rate when internet users are searching a certain product by typing relevant keyword into internet browser or search engines before sending leads to your site for you to get more sales.

Free Keywords Tools:

Search all the Keywords with these tools:

Free Word Tracker Research Tool

Ad Word Analyzer Keyword Research Software

Yahoo Search Marketing Keyword Suggestion Keyword Research Made Easy

Keyword Analysis:

This is the search engine optimizations fundamental tool to analyze your keyword density.The suggestion keyword density for product keywords is between 3% to 5%.

Headline Analysis:

For comparison,most professional copywriters headlines will have 30%-40% Emotional Marketing Value Words in their headlines,while the most copywriters will have 50%-75% Emotional Marketing Value words in headlines.Nevertheless,there is an exceptional case.Just copy an affiliate product free review and paste it into headline analysis.My experienced tell me any keywords range with “free”give you a high score.

Tips: Viral Network has a good suggested keyword for
(i) Social Networking
(ii)Social Marketing
(iii)Marketing and
(iv)List Building.

Next,I will show you where to get free keyword's tutorials for putting you into best understanding mode.

Have a great day

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Way To Know How Your Site Traffic Flows?

After added URL, Site map and performed Webmaster verification, the next question you might have asked to yourself, how is the traffic looks like on my website?
One of the valuable resources is Google Analytics. Perform Google Analytics and trace. How is the traffic behaviors on your site or even more detail on a particular page?

How are the customers interacting with your website, which content they, mostly viewed and so on? . To make thing easier, watch the video below. I like video, video paints a thousand words. The video by Avinash Kaushik , An Analytics Evangelist at Google.

Very useful resources from the guide provided about Google Analytics, don’t miss and must read for everyone.

1. Conversion University

2. Official Google BLog


By Avinash Kaushik is the Analytics Evangelist at Google. Discover lots of useful tips inside. Read and explore as much as you can.

4. Dr. Pete Meyers’s 25-point Website Usability Checklist

Most of the time, from what I experienced in the past or even now, once we follow any links with the purpose for digging more information, we tend to forget the next day ,lost direction or too many things to be learnt or to be done.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry any more, come back here again for the easy follow-up. That is why I arrange in a systematically way in here so that we would not lose our focus on an important topic like SEO, Analytics, Webmaster and so forth. The most convenience is we can see the complete picture at a glanced.

I believe you need time to go through all these useful resources. I shall hold here. Until then, see you in my next Topic about Keywords .So, come back and check .The best is following me on Twitter.

Have a great day

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SEO -Get Your Site To Be Listed On Google

Procedure To Get Your Site Listed With Google

Step1: Get your free Sitemap. Download all the Sitemaps Sitemap.xml, Sitemape.ror, Sitemape.html and urlist.txt and upload into your Public_html/folder of your site. You can just follow the easy instructions given there.

Step 2.Go to your Google Webmaster account

Task: Add your site and verify it with a meta tag provided.You can choose either simply insert the meta tag or upload meta tag using html through FTP uploader.For easy and learn more,download the
SEO Optimization-Starter-Guide.pdf

Google will approve or not approve the Sitemap in about Ten to Twenty Minutes. Normally, within seven to ten days Google-Bot will index your site.

Tips: Set up an account on iGoogle and on My Yahoo. For each, set up a blog reader. Next, go to Blogger and set up a private blog. Every day, add short description on one of your pages to the blog with a live html link.

Post on your blog, then go to , and ping your latest blog post. About 30 mins later, open you post through iGoogle and Yahoo readers, and click on the link.

Another important step ,go to Social Bookmarking

This is absolutely irresistible spider bait!

To be one of the best Webmasters, one has to actively involve and participate in the Help Forum Discussion. This apply to Ad sense ‘s forum too.

Webmaster Help Forum-Find Your Question and Answer
Go to Webmaster Help Forum

Google Webmaster Central Blog-Further Enhance your knowledge and skill

Who should use SEO? They are: Domain Name Registrars, Website Builders, Large Hosting Firms, Internet Service Provider, Credits Card Processing Centre.

First Top Search Engines Submission: Google, Yahoo, Msn (Submit now)
Add URL to Yahoo
Add URL to Google
Add URL to Msn

Important Note:Don't miss your submission to Google.Google dominates the Search Engines near to 80%.Hence,you would be insane to miss such a big player.

Other Top Search Engines: Partners are E-bay/Amazon/Yahoo/1&1/Enhance Interactive/MIVA/Yahoo Search Marketing

Add URL to E-bay/Amazon/Yahoo-Search-Marketing/1&1Msn/Enhance Interactive/MIVA

The above is enough.However, here are some more.

Our submission script will submit your website URL to 20+ top search engines for free, including Google.
Add URL to 20+ top search engines

SEO 2.0 -Future Linking To People.Discover the Future Now

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Note:More on Ping services other than Pingomatic.

Jan 23 update: Do you know how Google and Yahoo rank a page? To do this,you just need to have Firefox browser install on your computer.
Seo for Firefox

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hasi-Khushi: Salma Hayek Wallpapers

Hasi-Khushi: Salma Hayek Wallpapers

Let's have some fun.I will move this later.

Enjoy! For Blogger

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official Google Blog: Blogger is turning 10

Hello to all my friends on
How do you do?I am reading this latest news and want to share with is near to its 10th birthday in just next 2 months time from now.

Come and read the article posted by the product manager.This is true and real.I agree to all the points mentioned in the message.Let me explain a little bit about what has blogger meant to me.

Back to 2 years time,I knew nothing about blogging.I learnt everything from the scratch by myself.I learnt fast because blogger had been easier for me.The first time I met blogger,I was so excited about Google's Ads that can let you earn money for free.During that time,I became enthusiastism and decided made a first step for learning how to build a blog.I could make it partly because of blogger's easy to follow tutorial.I was excited and happy when I found old memory retrieve my memory of how me joined the world of internet marketing that I never regretted until now.

I am passion and just passion enough of what me doing now,to my opinion is I am on the right track.I hope you too follow me step and start to build your own blog,your story,writing everything you can to tell the world no matter where you are and what is your location.You can even publish your articles through the use of satellite phone without you in front of computer.

This is crazy and beautiful!

Empty talk is easy,you might want me to give you an evident.Allow me to show you my first blog I built on,follow me here.Let's share,nothing to be ashamed of.

Alright,say to me,"You can do it,we also can".Please speak louder,I can't hear you!

Thank you very much.
Have a wonderful day

Tips-How I started To Make Money With Google Adsense !

Official Google Blog: Blogger is turning 10

Friday, June 12, 2009

SEO Drives Traffic To Your Site And Create Money Online Free Home Based Business Opportunity? What Is Homepages Freinds?

Does Seo help drives traffic to your site,yes or no? What are your answer? In my opinion,it all comes to one thing,that is we ourselves should take the full responsibility by making sure what we doing is on the right track.

What is our main objective for doing business online? We are looking to find a way for getting our company get people attention,am I right? How do we get the attention and telling the world what we want and what we are doing? What methods and which is the best choice? Marketing? Search Engine Optimization? Or social networking? I assumed you are using all of the above unfortunately you still aren't getting the desired results as you wish.

In view of our current economy state with limited budget,financial constrains,less customers,limited resources and over budgeted.My question is how an orginization or company get noticed and to be known for its existence? Search for online news is the main field we shall looking at now.The benefits is big from searching online news perceive current worst economy although the worst hasn't yet to come is current most important thing to be noted.

Are you aware that the current online search news is huge and proven? The onlines news search is huge.Here is just a roughly estimation figures but almost near to accurate.

There is around:-
1)More than 100 milion use a search engine everyday.
2)There are around 90 million people get news from online each day.
3)There are around 70% of journalists use Google and Yahoo to search online news and remain sticky to both search engines.

Can you now imagine how huge is people doing search into online news? The online news search is unpredictable.Everyday it could be more than 100 million use search engine every day.You already know the importance of online news is evident.So,your question now should be,"okay,what next?

Here is your golden earnings opportunity for making money online because this is what you do every single day for as long as you are surfing the entire internet using “search”. This is 100% no spam,scam just like Google adsense,you might know better than me.If there is an invalid click into any ads,you get no money and your account being either suspended or banned for life.Since you take your time to read,you should be happy as you have come to the right place at the right time.

I,henry,henry liew's homepages is introducing homepages freinds,an organization originally from Homepages Friends Ltd,with their company registed from England and Wales.Homepages freinds is a wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company formerly called White Box Holdings Ltd that helped charities sell items on eBay.White Box orientation focus on services to their clients.

Hence,with such a huge reputation company,I strongly do believe this is the absolutely right time for you to take full advantages for gold mines created by search engines.Thank you to Google and Yahoo.

Lastly but not the least,I invite you courteously for signing up quick to digg out this greatest gold mine,tell all your friends to earn money from their daily work as like what you do now.No harm to try as this does not required us to pay a dime,it is absolutely free.What I can say this is a good program to be learnt. Perhaps it might really could change your life,your chance of earning only never you succeed before,so,nobody dare to say or predicts 100% to a “no”, ”don’t “ believe etc of what is happening around world even the giant US is now facing great national financial debt,this was unexpectedly and sadly affected almost near to all the country,do you agree at this point?

I hope to see you soon and we could established a long term relationship helping each other to go through this crucial time resulted many debts,unemployment,jobloss and so forth.Are you listening? Are you with me? Let's work and co-operate together.

Best of healthy to you,your family and your freinds
Have a beatiful day

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Shall we promote and how?

I am about to show you how to advertise freely, with or without using PPC campaign for generating traffics to your site. For I am more prefer to show you the free links/ideas to advertise your site or blog towards the entire internet market without burning a hole into your hard earn pocket money.

Sharing info is nice and is part of my hobby. That is why I am so in love of reviewing people site or blog for seeking, learning, commenting, giving, receiving and accepting good points of view from experienced internet marketers.

People learnt from people. In view of today modern technology, advanced SEO/SERP, everyone could own a blog or a website like a finger-tip. But thinking of having them all did not mean they all are successful.Most of them failed miserably.

There are many reasons behind all this. One of them is Traffic.

Traffic is an hot topic heavily discussed and been asking repetitively especially a newbie like me. Thus, I made this blog was trying to help as many people as possible and also help myself.

My objective is pretty simple. I wish from my work, I hope I could show you what you want and at the same time making friend with you. As time goes by, our relationship will grow as well as to our knowledge and skill to fight against the fierce internet competition.The battle is just to begin by you and by me.

Therefore, I wish we would have a good info sharing, good money making programs to be made together and happily work at home either part-time or full-time. For an internet marketer, although earning money needs few points to be included such as hardworking, patient, consistency, persistency and unrelenting efforts.

Never-the-less, by looking at the other side, for a network marketer, team-work does a very important key or maybe the main key for achieving the objective of money making online towards big success which might allowed us to have a long lasting ongoing income or residual income and keeping us receiving cheque or direct deposit into our account in every single month.That's my main goal of going online to the internet from working at home using my own time and be my own boss.I believe you also looking at the same.

Lastly but not the least, this is mainly my personal opinion, do you want to join me?
Thank you for your time

Looking forward to seeing you again.
Wish best of health to you,your family and your freinds.