Friday, June 12, 2009

SEO Drives Traffic To Your Site And Create Money Online Free Home Based Business Opportunity? What Is Homepages Freinds?

Does Seo help drives traffic to your site,yes or no? What are your answer? In my opinion,it all comes to one thing,that is we ourselves should take the full responsibility by making sure what we doing is on the right track.

What is our main objective for doing business online? We are looking to find a way for getting our company get people attention,am I right? How do we get the attention and telling the world what we want and what we are doing? What methods and which is the best choice? Marketing? Search Engine Optimization? Or social networking? I assumed you are using all of the above unfortunately you still aren't getting the desired results as you wish.

In view of our current economy state with limited budget,financial constrains,less customers,limited resources and over budgeted.My question is how an orginization or company get noticed and to be known for its existence? Search for online news is the main field we shall looking at now.The benefits is big from searching online news perceive current worst economy although the worst hasn't yet to come is current most important thing to be noted.

Are you aware that the current online search news is huge and proven? The onlines news search is huge.Here is just a roughly estimation figures but almost near to accurate.

There is around:-
1)More than 100 milion use a search engine everyday.
2)There are around 90 million people get news from online each day.
3)There are around 70% of journalists use Google and Yahoo to search online news and remain sticky to both search engines.

Can you now imagine how huge is people doing search into online news? The online news search is unpredictable.Everyday it could be more than 100 million use search engine every day.You already know the importance of online news is evident.So,your question now should be,"okay,what next?

Here is your golden earnings opportunity for making money online because this is what you do every single day for as long as you are surfing the entire internet using “search”. This is 100% no spam,scam just like Google adsense,you might know better than me.If there is an invalid click into any ads,you get no money and your account being either suspended or banned for life.Since you take your time to read,you should be happy as you have come to the right place at the right time.

I,henry,henry liew's homepages is introducing homepages freinds,an organization originally from Homepages Friends Ltd,with their company registed from England and Wales.Homepages freinds is a wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company formerly called White Box Holdings Ltd that helped charities sell items on eBay.White Box orientation focus on services to their clients.

Hence,with such a huge reputation company,I strongly do believe this is the absolutely right time for you to take full advantages for gold mines created by search engines.Thank you to Google and Yahoo.

Lastly but not the least,I invite you courteously for signing up quick to digg out this greatest gold mine,tell all your friends to earn money from their daily work as like what you do now.No harm to try as this does not required us to pay a dime,it is absolutely free.What I can say this is a good program to be learnt. Perhaps it might really could change your life,your chance of earning only never you succeed before,so,nobody dare to say or predicts 100% to a “no”, ”don’t “ believe etc of what is happening around world even the giant US is now facing great national financial debt,this was unexpectedly and sadly affected almost near to all the country,do you agree at this point?

I hope to see you soon and we could established a long term relationship helping each other to go through this crucial time resulted many debts,unemployment,jobloss and so forth.Are you listening? Are you with me? Let's work and co-operate together.

Best of healthy to you,your family and your freinds
Have a beatiful day

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Shall we promote and how?

I am about to show you how to advertise freely, with or without using PPC campaign for generating traffics to your site. For I am more prefer to show you the free links/ideas to advertise your site or blog towards the entire internet market without burning a hole into your hard earn pocket money.

Sharing info is nice and is part of my hobby. That is why I am so in love of reviewing people site or blog for seeking, learning, commenting, giving, receiving and accepting good points of view from experienced internet marketers.

People learnt from people. In view of today modern technology, advanced SEO/SERP, everyone could own a blog or a website like a finger-tip. But thinking of having them all did not mean they all are successful.Most of them failed miserably.

There are many reasons behind all this. One of them is Traffic.

Traffic is an hot topic heavily discussed and been asking repetitively especially a newbie like me. Thus, I made this blog was trying to help as many people as possible and also help myself.

My objective is pretty simple. I wish from my work, I hope I could show you what you want and at the same time making friend with you. As time goes by, our relationship will grow as well as to our knowledge and skill to fight against the fierce internet competition.The battle is just to begin by you and by me.

Therefore, I wish we would have a good info sharing, good money making programs to be made together and happily work at home either part-time or full-time. For an internet marketer, although earning money needs few points to be included such as hardworking, patient, consistency, persistency and unrelenting efforts.

Never-the-less, by looking at the other side, for a network marketer, team-work does a very important key or maybe the main key for achieving the objective of money making online towards big success which might allowed us to have a long lasting ongoing income or residual income and keeping us receiving cheque or direct deposit into our account in every single month.That's my main goal of going online to the internet from working at home using my own time and be my own boss.I believe you also looking at the same.

Lastly but not the least, this is mainly my personal opinion, do you want to join me?
Thank you for your time

Looking forward to seeing you again.
Wish best of health to you,your family and your freinds.