Friday, June 19, 2009

Hasi-Khushi: Salma Hayek Wallpapers

Hasi-Khushi: Salma Hayek Wallpapers

Let's have some fun.I will move this later.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Official Google Blog: Blogger is turning 10

Hello to all my friends on
How do you do?I am reading this latest news and want to share with is near to its 10th birthday in just next 2 months time from now.

Come and read the article posted by the product manager.This is true and real.I agree to all the points mentioned in the message.Let me explain a little bit about what has blogger meant to me.

Back to 2 years time,I knew nothing about blogging.I learnt everything from the scratch by myself.I learnt fast because blogger had been easier for me.The first time I met blogger,I was so excited about Google's Ads that can let you earn money for free.During that time,I became enthusiastism and decided made a first step for learning how to build a blog.I could make it partly because of blogger's easy to follow tutorial.I was excited and happy when I found old memory retrieve my memory of how me joined the world of internet marketing that I never regretted until now.

I am passion and just passion enough of what me doing now,to my opinion is I am on the right track.I hope you too follow me step and start to build your own blog,your story,writing everything you can to tell the world no matter where you are and what is your location.You can even publish your articles through the use of satellite phone without you in front of computer.

This is crazy and beautiful!

Empty talk is easy,you might want me to give you an evident.Allow me to show you my first blog I built on,follow me here.Let's share,nothing to be ashamed of.

Alright,say to me,"You can do it,we also can".Please speak louder,I can't hear you!

Thank you very much.
Have a wonderful day

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Official Google Blog: Blogger is turning 10