Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SEO -Get Your Site To Be Listed On Google

Procedure To Get Your Site Listed With Google

Step1: Get your free Sitemap. Download all the Sitemaps Sitemap.xml, Sitemape.ror, Sitemape.html and urlist.txt and upload into your Public_html/folder of your site. You can just follow the easy instructions given there. XML-Sitemaps.com

Step 2.Go to your Google Webmaster account

Task: Add your site and verify it with a meta tag provided.You can choose either simply insert the meta tag or upload meta tag using html through FTP uploader.For easy and learn more,download the
SEO Optimization-Starter-Guide.pdf

Google will approve or not approve the Sitemap in about Ten to Twenty Minutes. Normally, within seven to ten days Google-Bot will index your site.

Tips: Set up an account on iGoogle and on My Yahoo. For each, set up a blog reader. Next, go to Blogger and set up a private blog. Every day, add short description on one of your pages to the blog with a live html link.

Post on your blog, then go to Pingomatic.com , and ping your latest blog post. About 30 mins later, open you post through iGoogle and Yahoo readers, and click on the link.

Another important step ,go to Social Bookmarking

This is absolutely irresistible spider bait!

To be one of the best Webmasters, one has to actively involve and participate in the Help Forum Discussion. This apply to Ad sense ‘s forum too.

Webmaster Help Forum-Find Your Question and Answer
Go to Webmaster Help Forum

Google Webmaster Central Blog-Further Enhance your knowledge and skill


Who should use SEO? They are: Domain Name Registrars, Website Builders, Large Hosting Firms, Internet Service Provider, Credits Card Processing Centre.

First Top Search Engines Submission: Google, Yahoo, Msn (Submit now)
Add URL to Yahoo
Add URL to Google
Add URL to Msn

Important Note:Don't miss your submission to Google.Google dominates the Search Engines near to 80%.Hence,you would be insane to miss such a big player.

Other Top Search Engines: Partners are E-bay/Amazon/Yahoo/1&1/Enhance Interactive/MIVA/Yahoo Search Marketing

Add URL to E-bay/Amazon/Yahoo-Search-Marketing/1&1Msn/Enhance Interactive/MIVA

The above is enough.However, here are some more.

Our submission script will submit your website URL to 20+ top search engines for free, including Google.
Add URL to 20+ top search engines

SEO 2.0 -Future Linking To People.Discover the Future Now

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Note:More on Ping services other than Pingomatic.

Jan 23 update: Do you know how Google and Yahoo rank a page? To do this,you just need to have Firefox browser install on your computer.
Seo for Firefox