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Keywords In Relation To SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization Is a big topic and cannot be largely explained by a few sentences only. In my opinion, everyone must learn what about it and how to apply it into the world of internet Marketing.One crucial important point is the objective of SEO is to get your site to be indexed in finding for a 1st page or 1st rank regardless of which internet browser you are using, be it Google.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com,AOL.com etc.

Few points one has to be remembered here are:

.You must not use to duplicate contents on a same site.It might can be used to various sites.
.You don't really need to build lots of contents .As we know Google Ad sense needs it badly.
.You don't need to always use famous keyword like “weight loss”,“dog training”etc

This is because most of the people know it.Thus,you may end up compete fiercely against the similar keyword.Create something unique keyword that can lure or bait the buyer into making a buying decision and not just act as a visitor.

Keyword is crucial step to be taken into as one of the most important step when you want to promote your product or a product belong to someone else.Your product creation should be relevant to your domain name or URL.

Let's take an example,if you are selling computer products,your keyword should be like,http://Oneshopcomputer.com,Pcshopper.com,Pchardware.com and so on.In order to get your product targeted at the right place with the right people,I suggest you put a place in front of the keyword.Such as put your city where you live and combine the product keyword together.It might be something like Toronto-PC-Shop.com or Melbourne-Universal-computer.com.This is more specified and well targeted at a market place.

You can see the keyword can be long tail keywords and not necessary short in phrases.This is a good way not to compete fiercely with today intense competition, whereas one or two keyword already occupied or dominated the Search Engines.You should make sure that the keyword being searched online not more than 10,000 times.Hence,one should avoid those keywords that had been searched million times in a Search Engine.

Sample here is a list of keywords that are widely used: Money, make money online, marketing, networking network marketing, advertising, Affiliate Marketing, business opportunity, cash, free, free advertising, health, home, home based business, home business, Internet Marketing, leads ,residual income, ongoing income, Work at home, Work from home.

As soon as you have decided the keyword, you can find more relevant keywords from below keyword resources. This is to help you get higher click through rate when internet users are searching a certain product by typing relevant keyword into internet browser or search engines before sending leads to your site for you to get more sales.

Free Keywords Tools:

Search all the Keywords with these tools:

Free Word Tracker Research Tool

Ad Word Analyzer Keyword Research Software

Yahoo Search Marketing Keyword Suggestion

Nichebot.com Keyword Research Made Easy

Keyword Analysis:

This is the search engine optimizations fundamental tool to analyze your keyword density.The suggestion keyword density for product keywords is between 3% to 5%.

Headline Analysis:

For comparison,most professional copywriters headlines will have 30%-40% Emotional Marketing Value Words in their headlines,while the most copywriters will have 50%-75% Emotional Marketing Value words in headlines.Nevertheless,there is an exceptional case.Just copy an affiliate product free review and paste it into headline analysis.My experienced tell me any keywords range with “free”give you a high score.

Tips: Viral Network has a good suggested keyword for
(i) Social Networking
(ii)Social Marketing
(iii)Marketing and
(iv)List Building.

Next,I will show you where to get free keyword's tutorials for putting you into best understanding mode.

Have a great day

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